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Quality System
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1. Quality policy: scientific method, fair behavior, accurate data, timely service.
Method science-scientific work attitude, advanced technical means.
Fair behavior-firm third-party position, good professional ethics, fair and honest testing.
Accurate data-effective quality control, reliable test data.
Timely service-fast market response, efficient and standardized service.

2. The overall goal:
Fully implement the center's quality policy, follow the ISO9001 accreditation criteria, establish and continuously improve the quality management system to ensure its continuous and effective operation and continuous improvement.
Create a first-class testing organization to ensure the scientific, fair and authoritative testing results, and timely issue qualified testing reports to provide customers with high-quality services.

3. Controlling mid-term goals:
Maintain the scientificity and fairness of the work in the inspection, ensure the unity of the measurement value and the accuracy of the data, the inspection report must not contain data or conclusive errors, and the other error rate is less than 1%;
Unswervingly implement the service tenet of "focusing on customers", and implement the quality policy without compromise, with a complaint handling rate of 100% and a customer satisfaction rate of over 98%;
100% implementation rate of personnel training plan;
The qualified rate of the equipment in use is 100%;
The implementation rate of corrective measures for non-conforming items is 100%;
Track the changes in the testing technical standards and specifications, and always maintain the effectiveness of the testing.
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