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Shell workpiece

A. Material:
Aluminum profile 6061, the dimensions of this product require 63mm*70mm*330mm. Technical requirements; 1. Must have a certain strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance. 2. Industrial & nbsp; structural aluminum materials. 3. Manufacturing in the processing field Industrial trucks. Tower buildings. Mechanical parts. Precision processing. Automation equipment... 3. The surface requires sandblasting and oxidation treatment "80# sand" 4. The product cannot be deformed. etc...

B. Difficulty: Process improvement and solution.

1.Aluminum 6061 material. The material is soft. It is easy to deform when heated.

Process: HRC plus hardness. After stress relief. The first roughing treatment for the position where the product margin is too much. The unilateral margin is between +0.8/+1.0. And let it be naturally adjusted for 24~48H. Guarantee the follow-up products It is rigid and does not deform.

2.Large shape. Easy to shake knife. Only to avoid Houpu<3~4.5 mm>.

Process: During the clamping, the clamping should be based on the length, width, and height. The two points on the parallel surface should be marked within 0.02 with a dial indicator. Avoid cutting large quantities. <Factors such as overcutting, shaking knife, fever, etc.....> Use aluminum two-edged knife. The second process. The internal tolerance is above 0.05 plus or minus. And the tooth hole can be added in place. <Another tooth hole can be used to squeeze the teeth. You don’t need to go out. It will not scratch the appearance. The bottom of the inner hole will not produce aluminum>. There are 0~+0.02. It can be left according to the surface treatment allowance. To avoid thick Pu, the amount of knife can be adjusted according to the program and the solution can be solved by reasonable clamping.

3. The flatness is 0/0.02. The vertical angle is 0~0.15°. The edge measurement hole is 0~-0.013.

Process: The second A.B.C surface. Including length. Processing flatness with auxiliary tooling. B.C surface can be pneumatic tooling. A plug can be made inside. According to the internal size, the loose fit cannot be less than 0.02. The locking force is about 1.5 kg. <Use a dial indicator to mark the plane within 0.05>Fly flatness chooses aluminum flying knife pellets. There is a noise: according to the current clamping and speed improvement. Two-edged aluminum knife is available for step grooves.  Measure the fine hole and length of the edge. Borrow the plug just now. Fix it with a 90° vertical tooling. Correct the vertical within 0.01. Calculate the length AB size. After processing. It must be confirmed with a height ruler. After the length A surface O. After processing Long B surface. Finished holes are processed at the same time. The budget is good for the allowance of the surface size. At the same time, the pass and stop gauge for the fine holes is prepared.

4.  The surface is oxidized by sandblasting. Dimensions will change

Process: After the shape and fine hole are oxidized, there will be dimensional changes.  Before processing, it can be based on the degree of oxidation and corrosion. There is a corresponding dimensional allowance for the shape and fine hole corrosion.


C.  Foolproof measures:
Before the picture below. Engineering drawing file review. Process engineering seminar. <Process. Material selection. Process. Auxiliary tooling. Pass and stop gauge. Block gauge. Non-standard tool. Inspection method. etc.>. Each step must be first inspected, re-inspected, outgoing inspection, recorded and tracked.


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